Introducing Alliance Legal – Thebe ea Basotho

Have you ever thought of what will happen to your wealth when you are gone? Have you ever asked yourself who would come to your rescue when you get arrested? Are you ready to pay the bail money that you never budgeted for? Are you ready for unexpected and unforeseen legal battle for your site that you have sweat and worked hard for? What would happen if your employer unfairly dismisses you?

Alliance Legal, Thebe ea BASOTHO, is the unique appealing product of Alliance Insurance Company. With Alliance Legal, you have a partner who will stand with you throughout all your legal problems, offering our clients the best legal representation at an affordable cost.

How does Alliance Legal work?

Alliance Legal offers family cover for our clients with very affordable monthly premiums. In times of need, when one seeks a professional legal service, Alliance legal will provide you with the best legal expertise and take care of your legal expenses subject to annual limits.

I am not a criminal, why do I need Alliance Legal?

Life is very uncertain, and one way or the other, you may need Alliance Legal.

WE provide the following services for our clients:

♦ Assist them to prepare their wills

♦ Assistance and advice to draw up deeds of transfers for clients’ property

♦ Draw up a sale agreement with no loopholes

♦ Mitigate on legal disputes

♦ Provide highly experienced lawyers for any criminal, labour, or civil cases

♦ Divorce and child support disputes

What happens when I have a case in South – Africa?

Alliance Legal will protect you in South Africa.

Do I have an option to choose my own private lawyer?

Why not? Our policies are flexible;therefore, you can choose a lawyer of your choice. Our clients’ comfort is our priority.

Choose your cover from these affordable packages

Membership Level

Monthly Premium

Annual cover

Accidental Death Benefit

Bail Cover

Cash Back Benefit
























Additional benefits

6 Months Premium waiver in cases of retrenchment

Family cover per policy