You’ve worked hard to build your business, so make sure you invest in liability insurance to safeguard your livelihood. A single accident in the workplace or on your business premises could result in a lawsuit that suddenly finds you solely responsible for unplanned medical bills and legal fees. Protect yourself. Plan for the worst, and ensure the best future for your business.

General Liability

Public Liability

This covers legal liability costs for claims against insured by its customers being injured on your premises, your workmen damaging a third party’s property, a sudden spillage from your factory that pollutes a river, or a product you’ve produced causing harm.

Public liability

Products Liability

This covers legal liability costs for claims against insured’s products, in the event of any claimant alleging that they have suffered financial loss by reason of tangible property (other than the Insured’s Products) due or alleged (other than by the Insured) to be due to the failure of the Insured’s Products to perform as specified, warranted or guaranteed and/or to fulfil their intended function.

Product Liability