Short Term FAQ

Please refer to the Excess structure on your policy schedule.  Mostly, however, is five percent(10%) of CLAIM on own damage and twenty percent (20%) of claim on windscreen claims.

Refer to your policy schedule.

The policy number is either a combination of 3 letters and 7 digits displayed on the cover page.

All third-party claims need to be reported.

Let us professionals deal with your claims settlement and finalization.  In respect of normal claims, you as the client are entitled to benefits therefore use the resources available to you at ALLIANCE.

That’s what we’re here for.  If doubt, rather ask and we will assist you.

The standard claim form and documentation is required, namely:

Fully completed claim form
Copy of driver’s license
Copy of ID book
Public Driver’s Permit (PDP) where applicable.

Please refer to the claims section.

Where there have been two vehicles involved – Yes.

We will soon be sending SMS payments status, however, what payment are you referring to?

We will ensure the responsible person confirms whether the payment has been made.

Unfortunately, not.  The onus is on you the client to ensure your premiums are paid timeously and are up to date.

You, the client can choose any date between the first and the fifteenth of the month.

For private use vehicles

please contact Glasfiton +26622325821

or PG Glass on +266022315055/ +26622311383

or Glassworld on +26622316337/ +266 22320119

Totally, unlike a lot of our competitors we pay the cost of towing.

Please contact our roadside assist +26622327925 or whattsapp them on 51924226 they will assist.

This is our Good in Transit product.  Please contact your Broker or Alliance for a quotation.

We cover “clean up” costs of the vehicle only, NOT the load, provided you use any of our authorized contractors.

Report it to the nearest Police Station and notify us or your broker immediately.

Gain service references from colleagues for Matrix, Netstar, Ctrack and Tracker and make selection for yourself.

ALLIANCE purposely does not have an Approved Panel Beater list.

Please refer to your colleagues for references on quality of workmanship and the timing of a claim repair.  The choice remains yours.

Obtain one quote from your choice glass fitment centre for windscreens and glass claims and submit it to us with the rest of the Claims documentation.

We can arrange alternative payment structures, however, the premium at any point in time needs to be paid in advance.

Commercial Vehicles above a GVM of 3.5t and blow a GVM 8.5t require at least a 2.5kg fire extinguisher.

Commercial Vehicles above a GVM 8.5t require a 4.5kg fire extinguisher preferably greater.

The Agreed Value/Retail value or Market value inclusive of accessories if any of the vehicle is multiplied by the premium rate percentage that we apply.

In addition, the qualities of your contract work where applicable, the manufacturer of your vehicles are also important factors.

As many as you like.  We even insure your ancillary vehicles, plant and loads.

In the case of Agreed Values system.

We do not depreciate or reduce the value of your vehicle in the event of claim.

We settle on the Agreed Value basis.

If the vehicle is a total write off because we pay the Agreed Value system, you will not be allowed to purchase the vehicle back from the insurance company.

We do not penalize our clients’ drivers for being “inexperienced” or for not having a certain level of experience.

There is additional excess payable for licenses below 2 years and persons below the age of 25 and above the age of 65.

The worst thing is to have a debit order “bounce”.  If you are aware of a potential cash flow problem, we like to work with our clients.  We might be able to find a solution.

Talk to our Credit control staff and let’s work something out.

We do not insure vehicles going into Angola, Northern Mozambique, and Congo/DRC.

In the event of a foreign Southern African destination please inform us, that is all.  In addition, in the event of an accident, you must get our cooperation.  We will assist.

Do NOT authorize towing or recovery procedures or costs on our behalf without our permission.

Do NOT sign the release note.  Communicate your list of problems to both ourselves and the Assessor.

We can only assist if you Do NOT sign the release note.

First document your problem with reference to, either the claim number, policy number or both.

Communicate the problem with the line manager of the ALLIANCE division where the problem(s) exists.

If the matter is still unsolved contact the Head Client Services on the Alliance Contact numbers.

Please ensure you have the documents referred to at hand for speed of reference.

What use is the vehicle to you if it’s a write off?  You are being paid out the Agreed Value/Market value benefit and we wish to take control of the salvage.

If you wish to repair the vehicle notwithstanding it is a “write off” you will need to re-submit an appropriate quotation and negotiate an amicable settlement from us.

Yes, unless under unusual circumstances where Alliance need to take control.

ALLIANCE is committed to authorizing claims in 24:00 hours after the quote is approved.

Cooperate all the way with the above systems.  Also if you have a claims query, rather send an email to [email protected]

To get the fastest service from claims put it in writing.  This gives the team the time to refer to relevant documentation and get back to you armed with everything they need to answer your queries.

Send an email to [email protected]

Unfortunately, such a panel allows those who qualify to make ALLIANCE endorse and guarantee their work, which we cannot do.

ALLIANCE believes the general cooperation of panelbeaters precludes us from creating a panel.

Insurance claims for motor is a specialist area, and we need professional systems to manage the process.

Our claims department is centralized and to provide swift service ALLIANCE must maintain control.

Employee Benefits FAQ

You can only claim your pension upon leaving your employer since the benefit is employer based.

Provident fund and GLA claims should take up a month to be fully processed while funeral claim takes up to a week.

We do not have annuities at the moment.

No, the accumulated Fund Value can only be used as security for any form of Home Loans at the bank.

Yes, at claims stage the benefit is submitted to LRA for tax assessment to determine how much tax is applicable on the benefit.

Yes, the interest allocated depends entirely on the performance of the markets.

Yes, the beneficiary nomination form is only a guiding tool. The final decision on how the Funds are allocated will be made by the Fund Board of Trustees.

Funeral Signing FAQ

Yes if you are a Mosotho.

From as little as M30.00 you can get a cover up to M164 000.00.

No medical examination needed to apply for the policy.

Our funeral premiums are fixed.

You can nominate the beneficiary of your choice at inception and even change it anytime.

Our funeral policies lapse after missing two consecutive premiums/months.

If you cancel the funeral policy you will usually not get your money back but if you cancel it within 30 days of commencement, you will receive a full refund.

A member may be nominated only once on each policy and may be covered on a maximum of two policies in each product

Death as a result of suicide is covered provided the policy has been in force for 12 months and 12 months premiums have been paid.

It is only covered with you have Molebe benefit on our U Mang? policy.

If the policy has lapsed the member may apply for reinstatement subject to the requirements of the insurer at the time.

Six months waiting period for immediate family, extended members, parents below 72 and nine months to parents 72 and above.

Policy downgrade can be done anytime and are not subject to the waiting period, they are effective immediately.

Policy upgrades and addition of new members/ components are subject to the waiting period.

No, policies can only be registered for people that you have insurable interest on and who’s your relationship to them can be legally proven.

Yes, we recognize national ID, passport, or driver’s license as identity documents.

Funeral Claiming FAQ

Our claim can be made through our website, WhatsApp chatbot or at any alliance office.

Funeral plan proceeds will be paid within 48 hours provided that all the required claims documents have been received and the claim has been approved.

Claim proceeds are paid by EFTAll Lesotho bank and South Africa Banks andMpesa Mobile.

Please call our Toll-Free number 80023052.

Funeral Amending FAQ

An old contract and the premium payer’s identity.

6 months to persons below 65 years and 9 months to parents above 72.

Through our website, WhatsApp number or at any alliance office.

Legal FAQ

3 months for all cases, and 12 months for matrimonial cases.

You can physically visit the nearest Alliance Branch or call 58300084/58300078.

No, we only provide legal advice for commercials.

No, we only offer legal advice for such cases.

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