Group Capital Disability

We offer CAPITAL DISABILITY BENEFIT under our employee benefit solutions whereby in the event that the life(s) insured is disabled, either permanently or temporarily, and no longer able to earn an income, Alliance Insurance will pay the insured amount as a lump sum to ensure that the assured life(s) can still support his/her family.

Group Funeral Scheme

GROUP FUNERAL SCHEMES Are also part of our employee benefit solutions, although it can be offered to any homogenous group, like associations e.t.c. the Group funeral policy offers funeral cover to members of the affected group who have been insured under this scheme, as well as their immediate family members, with the option of including their extended family for a small additional premium, and in the death of an insured life, the company pays the sum assured to their nominated beneficiaries within 48 hours, to cover their funeral expenses.

Group Life Assurance

GROUP LIFE ASSURANCE (GLA) Is life cover that is offered to company employees as part of our employee benefit solutions, it can be customized to their needs, and risk profile, and in the unfortunate event of any employee dying while enjoying this benefit, Alliance Insurance will pay out the insured Sum, which is normally a multiple of each employee’s annual salary at the time of death.

Income Protector Plan

We offer our Income Protector Plan that provides your employees with monthly income in the event that they become disabled and unable to work. In order to preserve buying power of their income, you have the option to escalate the monthly benefit annually at the lesser of the agreed escalation rate and the presiding rate of inflation (CPIX).

Provident Fund

We currently offer and administer Group Provident Fund schemes as part of our employee benefit solutions, and this is a voluntary contributory scheme, where the employee and their employer contribute every month with their contributions accruing at a competitive interest rate, linked to the market performance of their invested assets, on retirement a member can use their proceeds from the fund in order to procure a pension which will pay them a monthly annuity and offer them financial security in their older age. The employee can also claim their share on withdrawal from the scheme or at death before their withdraw from the scheme.

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